Whether creating a logo, a catalog, an advertisement, a website or building a social media account, I have the tools and knowledge to promote your brand, product or services.

Web and digital design

✓ Website design and development ✓ Integration on social media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc ...) ✓ SEO programming for your site to be well defended on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) ✓ Google Analytics ✓ Email advertising ✓ Catalogs, brochures and online manuals.

Branding, Print and Advertising

✓ Visual identification for a company or a business. Logo, letterhead, business card, envelope, etc ... ✓ Packaging ✓ Advertising in newspapers, hebdos or magazines ✓ Creation of catalogs, annual reports, leaflets, panflets, privilege cards, circulars, etc ... ✓ Outdoor advertising: vehicles, road signs, store signs ✓ And more...

Presentation, video and photography

✓ Introductory video for YouTube, Vimeo, blog or other ✓ Video montage ✓ Photo editing ✓ Photography ✓ Powerpoint presentation, etc...

Help and promotion on the Web

✓ Worldpress (account creation and / or website) ✓ Shopatron (Kibo) ✓ Kickstarter ✓ Social media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc ...) ✓ Web account (eBay, Paypal, web email, etc.) .

Software used regularly

✓ Adobe Photoshop ✓ Adobe Illustrator ✓ Adobe Indesign ✓ Adobe Dreamweaver ✓ Adobe Muse ✓ Adobe After Effects ✓ Adobe Premiere ✓ Adobe Acrobat ✓ Final Cut Pro ✓ QuarkXPress ✓ WordPress ✓ GarageBand ✓ Logic Express ✓ Wacom Tablets ✓ Google Developers tools ✓